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7553 Jenica Street
Bakersfield CA 93314
Contractor's License: 872946
SBE# : 2001398

Allstate Boring

Allstate Boring is a family owned, licensed contractor located in the heart of California (Bakersfield).

Auger Boring

The auger boring (or jack and bore) method is probably the most common and recognizable type of trenchless boring. It consists of a non-steered technique used to install steel casing by means of a rotating cutting head attached to a string of helical wound augers inside of a steel casing.
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Pilot Tube Boring

Pilot tube auger boring is a guided boring method which can install steel casings with an accuracy that conventional auger boring is simply not capable of achieving. This method is used in conjunction with a specially designed theodolite guidance system to provide accurate pipe
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Hydraulic Steer Head

This method is a twist on conventional auger boring. It is monitored using a variety of methods including two different grade checking techniques, one line checking technique, and is steerable with hydraulics. This ensures a finished product that will flow to the flattest of grade. This
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Pipe Ramming

Pipe Ramming is a horizontal pneumatic hammer that drive casing into rocky of bad ground using a large air compressor along with a typical auger boring setup
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